Lady Buys Ring For $13 At Flea Market, Sells It For $455,000

Photo: Christopher Robbins (Getty)

So that shitty coffee table you bought at the flea market for your tiny apartment because it was “vintage” might be worth thousands. OK, it isn’t. But one lady’s flea market purchase was worth a hell of a lot more.

It all occurred 30 years ago, when a woman in Isleworth, west London, decided to buy an “exceptionally sized” ring because she thought it was just fake costume jewelry. She only bought it for $13, folks. And guess what? For the last three decades she’s been wearing that ring on her finger. And now it’s about to make her very, very rich. How rich? Try $455,000 richer.

That ring is actually a 26-carat, cushion-shaped white diamond from the 19th century. Holy hell. Take a look at it:

Photo: Sotheby's

Photo: Sotheby’s

Jessica Wyndham, the head of Sotheby’s London jewelry department called the ring a “one-off windfall, an amazing find.”

And while the unnamed woman originally thought the ring was useless, a jewelry changed her mind and told her it could be valuable, so the woman took it in to Sotheby’s and discovered its true value.

“They came in with the idea that it might be real and they had no idea of its value,” Wyndham added.

The ring will be up for auction in Sotheby London’s Fine Jewels sale on July 7. So go get it if you have half a million dollars. For now I will head to the nearest garage sale this weekend and buy as much trash as I can buy.

h/t Business Insider

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