Mother Dumps Nacho Cheese On Doritos, Three Weeks Later She’s Still In Intensive Care

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Based on a mother’s recent experience in California, think twice before adding a little drizzle to your Doritos.

Lavinia Kelly, a mother of three, decided to pick up some Doritos at a local gas station three weeks ago. But before she left she decided to add a little flav to her chips with some nacho cheese, nacho cheese that turned out to be deadly.

Kelly is now fighting for her life inside the intensive care unit of a Sacramento Hospital after contracting Botulism from consuming the toxic cheese. Botulism is an incredibly rare form of food poising that can be deadly.

Kelly, who just turned 33, has been in the hospital for three weeks now. She still can’t speak, breathe on her own, or open her eyes.

As if gas station food was scary enough, this stuff has allegedly put four other people in area hospitals as well.

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento County health officials have confirmed five cases of botulism in patients who ate at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station, and are investigating three other probable cases and one suspect case, with all nine patients still hospitalized. Officials believe the outbreak is linked to nacho cheese sauce that was served at the station, but the exact cause of the poisoning is still under investigation, officials said …

… Earlier this month, county health officials temporarily revoked the gas station’s permit to sell food and drink. Employees on site declined to comment last week, and the business could not be reached by telephone Tuesday.

Within hours of consuming the toxic cheese, Kelly began to feel fatigued. By the next morning she complained of double vision. And by nightfall she was vomiting and had difficulty breathing. That’s when she was taken to the ER where she was soon put on a ventilator.

There’s a GoFundMe setup for Kelly right now. Here’s a pic from the hospital with her and her children.

Photo: GoFundMe

Yeah. Gas stations, ballparks, Uncle Ned’s birthday party — I’m never eating nacho cheese ever again.

Here’s a little graphic about Botulism for home-canners, which I guess, has been a problem for people who have no idea who to eat clean food.

According to food safety experts, Botulism only arises from “human mistakes” during food preparation.

Whether this case was the gas station’s fault or whomever supplied the nacho cheese is yet to be known. But someone is going to have quite the settlement on their hands.

Kelly’s family filed a lawsuit against the gas station earlier this week.

Me? I think I’m going to avoid all gas station food for awhile.

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Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory and the editor of Crave Sports


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