People Think This Tree Truly Is A Fiery Gate To Hell

Photo: NBC

There were severe storms that slammed across northwest Mississippi this past weekend. Accompanying the standard violent winds and rain that pummel landscapes during such storms, was something that appeared to be incredibly more sinister left in its wake.

This tree below was hit by lightning in Baldwyn, MS. The pic was posted by legendary Birmingham, AL meteorologist James Spann.

What say you? Take a look at it below.

People Think This Tree Truly Is A Fiery Gate To Hell

lightning tree

Photo: Twitter

Yup, that’s right. Tree is lit!

And Twitter of course had a field day with this damn tree.

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At least there was one person that had a logical explanation.


Makes sense, right?

No … No … we’re still going with flaming passage to Hades. Sorry, J.R., but our thought has a lot more logic. And now to go see what Constantine can do about this.



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Josh Helmuth is a contributor for Mandatory and editor of Crave Sports.