Party Memes Are the Best Hangover Cure

It’s Sunday afternoon, the sun rays that are squeezing through the blinders burn your eyes, your mouth feels like an ashtray, there is a ton of garbage on the coffee table from the pregame, and you’re still trying to survive yet another party. While your father and grandfather had their own questionable and disgusting cures for hangovers, you’re pretty sure that our generation had them beat and that party memes cure even the biggest headaches. And you’re damn right.

We have the best selection of high-quality party memes the drunken internet has to offer, each one will negate two shots from last night, so 11 of them should be about enough.

To start us off we have something that is more a public service announcement for those guys who don’t understand the bro code very well, and there is one in every group. Basically, you never see what you’re not supposed to see, you don’t have to approve it, but snitching is forbidden.

But before you even get to the party there are some important steps. The weekend warrior veterans know that sleeping before the big match improves your performance, but the problem is the internal debate you’ll have when you wake up from it.

One of the most important aspects of a party is a quality pregame, a gathering to drink before you go out and drink, and a lot of amateurs will fall down during it. Yet, miraculously some of them will resurrect and appear at the place of the party after you long forgot him.

Although the guy that drinks too much during the pregame isn’t the biggest problem of the group, it’s his exact opposite, the one that will make you go “Bruuuuuhh“.

Every going out needs a party general who will always take care of his troops.

This is another type of negativity you’ll encounter during your partying times, and the only thing worse than this is running into your ex at the party.

Of course, there are downers at almost every party, and you should deal with this problem as with any other in your life – by making memes out of it. Also, keep this picture in mind whenever you see a party status or a picture where everybody is having the time of their lives.

While some will watch their Facebook friend’s 356th baby photo of the day during a party, real players go hard until they go into the bathroom and see what they have become. Logically, Drake was used for this meme as well, and Drake gifs are awesome to communicate how good of a party it was.

It’s all fun and games until you wake up like this, then it’s legendary fun and awesome games. We would pay to see him wake up from this, and so would he probably, as he has to spend the rest of his life questioning whether he had sex with a tree or not.

Like werewolves party animals turn back into normal human beings at the break of first sunlight, then it’s just time for party memes. If someone bores you with the details of last night, hit them with “What was in the past should remain there” and gaze into the distance, towards the next party.

And while parties are mostly like pizzas, and all of them are good, even when they’re bad, there is this one thing that could turn a snooze fest into the best night of the month. Talking about memes at a party>hooking up with a girl at a party.

What are some party memes that you really like? Share them with your colleagues in the comments bellow.

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