Holy Hell, This Girl’s Name Is Actually ‘Isis Harambe’

Photo: Twitter/Andre Golo

Back when we were young the only names we would ever come across were normal names like John or Daniel or Amanda. But now? Now you meet people with those most absurd names. But nothing compares to what this girl’s name is: Isis Harambe. That’s right, folks.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

“I trip out with my name constantly,” Isis—whose full name is Isis Harambe Spjut—tells the Daily Dot. “Like, when I meet people [and] I tell them my name, they’re, ‘That’s crazy, that’s funny.’ I’m literally like, ‘No, that is the craziest name you’ve ever heard in your life.’ I really have the most unique name in the world. Pretty trippy.”

Well, her first name is also the name of probably the most evil terrorist group in the world. Her middle name  is that of a beloved gorilla whose death rocked the world. Oh, and her last name? Well her last name means ‘spear’ in Scandinavian.

Everyone now knows about Spjut and her unique name thanks to a man named Andre Golo on Twitter, who came into her restaurant where she works and started talking with with her.

“He came into my work—I’m a hostess at a restaurant—he was flirting with me and then I told him my name and he didn’t believe me,” Spjut says.

Now take a look at the tweet that Andre shared thanks to his Twitter.

Andre didn’t believe her at first, so Spjut sent him a photo of her ID to prove it to him, And then Andre asked if he could share it with the world, and now we all know.

“My parents, when I was born, they were both Rastafarians,” Spjut said. “So my mom kinda picked my first name, and ‘Isis’ was a Bob Dylan song, along with the Egyptian goddess, and then Harambe means ‘Harmony’ in Swahili, and my Dad picked my middle name.”

Now that’s actually a fantastic reason to choose a name. Too bad this girl will now always be known as the girl with a terrorist group and a famous gorilla name.

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