California Police Baffled By Woman Claiming To Be A Mermaid

Photo: Fresno Police Department

This is most certainly a new one.

There may be no shortage of live-action Little Mermaid adaptations on the way, but won’t they all pale in comparison to the real thing? That still remains to be seen, as the Fresno police found a woman who calls herself “Joanna” wandering nearly naked down Millerton Road South of Table Mountain Casino in Fresno County at 3:15 am on Tuesday night.

To make matters even more interesting, she was apparently sopping wet and told the cops that she “had been in the water,” according to the FPD Facebook page. You can check out the full details below courtesy of the Fresno PD:

Mermaid Woman Baffles California Police Department

In case you didn’t catch it, the 16 to 30-year old woman pictured above also has a bit of an odd physical trait referred to as “webbed toes on both feet.” All the bizarre details by themselves may not be enough to technically call this creature a mermaid (especially considering she looks exactly like a human woman), but we’ve seen enough M. Night Shyamalan movies to at least entertain the notion.

via WABC TV New York

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