Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, This Awesome Meme Article is For You

A poem originating from 1784, one that some even say has its roots in the 16th century, was pure for so long, hundreds of years, and then came to the internet and it was tainted forever. Roses are red, violets are blue, this awesome meme has no chill and so do you. That’s why you’re here, to see the once sweet love poem go the twisted route the internet has lead it on.

While people have altered the poem for some while now, it wasn’t as funny until 2016 when people gave it a totally unromantic twist. It started there but, as every awesome meme, it evolved. The two lines would get attached to a news title or a subtitle screencap ensuing hilarity.

Like in the leading image, the topics are unheard of, something that would appall sensible gentlemen, luckily, we’re not like that.
Awesome meme - HarambeOf course, no meme could pass without Harambe getting implemented, and no, the rhyming doesn’t decrease the pain we still feel. He died for our sins.Awesome meme Roses are redWe could totally see this line be delivered in a big budget pirate movie. This truly is one of the most savage memes out there, surpassing even the Bitch high as fuck one, and that is saying a lot since they smear Disney princesses.
Awesome meme kung fuOh, such a simple format but it works wonders. It’s really impossible not to laugh at this rhyme, it’s also really hard not to think that this was the original continuation of the poem as it feels so natural.
Awesome meme with Roses are red poemAfter a while, people started changing the first two bars of the poem and particularly focused on insane titles that we see in the news, mostly in shameless tabloids that publish anything. And this is probably the only good thing that has come from them.
Awesome meme benderSome titles are simply too good not to get the roses are red meme treatment. This is more than a title, it’s a 16-word thriller novel that not even Hunter S. Thompson could think off. This reverend is a true RocknRolla. But he has a close runner up.
Awesome meme poemA true underdog story that Hollywood needs to get its hands on. Get Guy Ritchie or Danny Boyle to direct it and we would watch it twice at the movies as it is an emotional roller coaster we don’t have the privilege to see too often.
Awesome meme Rick and MortyThis is going to be especially funny if you watch the genius show Rick and Morty and have read this in the screeching Meseeks voice. This also represents exactly how we feel on every Monday morning, envying the short lives of these blue, coked-up helpers.
Awesome meme 9/11Teachers and mentors have known for long that rhyming things makes them easier to learn, and the same applies for this. It must be true if it rhymes.
Awesome meme No chill poetryFor whatever reason, these awesome meme poems sound way better with English tabloid titles. Like a lot of these, it’s made or at least shared by the Twitter profile No Chill Poetry, who specializes in these Roses are red, violets are blue memes, so check it out if you want more.
Awesome meme ScottishBut if anyone can surpass the English in this discipline it’s the Scottish, as everything sounds better with this accent. Someone brilliantly combined the gloriously funny viral video with this meme type, and we’re still wondering as to who uploaded the original online.

If you’re feeling poetic share some of your favorite Roses Are Red awesome memes in the comments below. And if you’re a journalist, keep coming up with these amazing roller-coaster titles, that’s the only way to cleanse your soul if you work for an exploitative tabloid.