These 22 Hysterical Spring Break Photos Will Make You Stay In And Lock The Doors

Photo: via Buzzfeed

In a time of blizzards, floods, droughts (and Trump), we need about as many hysterical photos as we can get. Thanks to spring breaks past, we have a nice array of funny photos and hilarious GIFs full of sexy selfies gone wrong and beach disasters that will not only make y ou want to stay home, but you’ll also lock the door.

What could be better than hopping in the car with more drunk assholes than the vehicle allows, driving a hideous number of hours to some overpopulated beach full of glass, shame and HPV before realizing you forgot the sunblock and saying “screw it, let’s party” then waking up sandwiched between two burnt bare asses that, to your horror, resemble the same ones your friends showed out of the moving cab on the way to some dirty, diseased bar? Oh, right, like you haven’t been there.

If you’re looking for a good time, it’s not at any traditional dry-hump spring break party. It’s right here with us in the land of funny photos of spring break where drunk dudes get bad tan lines and hook up with elderly women as a “joke” and girls who let their lady parts hang out way too long for people to take photos that eventually lead back home. We’re talking spring break 2017, folks, and it’s best you stay in and lock the door, lest you turn out like one of these fools.

These Hysterical Spring Break Photos Will Make You Stay in and Lock the Doors

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