spring break

Mandatory Laughs: 15 Funniest Spring Break Memes That Will Make Up For Missing Out

It’s the time of year students and teachers wait with bated breath for (and parents of school-aged children dread): spring break! The weeklong reprieve from classes is perhaps the most joyful of the year, because not only do you get time off from the tedium and toil of everyday life and learning, the weather is also warm!

As educators and co-eds flock to Florida and other beachy destinations to frolic in the sand and surf, however, the rest of the working population has to continue their mind-numbing routines. In honor of those stuck behind their screens or imprisoned in cubicles doing paperwork, we scouted out the 15 funniest spring break memes. Scroll on, have a laugh, and remember that you can always get drunk in your bathing suit at home if need be.


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