California Daredevil Jumps Over 60 Freeway In Broad Daylight

Photo: KABC-TV

I remember a time growing up when stunts were a big deal. There would be two-hour time slots on television dedicated to the whole “story” of a daredevil about to do something “crazy” like jump over some buses. Well, those daredevils can take a seat, because someone just jumped over a freeway with zero fanfare and no commercial breaks. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the person featured in the Instagram video that’s now gone viral, because it’s apparently against the law to be a badass. Or maybe to get tips to make their job more like the movie CHiPs.

California Daredevil Jumps Over Highway

Granted, this stunt was super dangerous. Imagine driving down the road and seeing a motorcycle go flying over your car. I’ve seen enough action movies to know that I’m about to be attacked Mad Max: Fury Road-style. Aside from being a distracted driver, I’m now wondering if society has collapsed during my commute.

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Even if the perpetrator is caught, the penalties for jumping over a highway don’t seem to be that steep, with one of the fines being “failure to have a filming permit.” That’s right, you can be fined for not getting a permit to film your stupid stunts. To which I say, “Shut it down YouTube, CHiPs is coming for you.”

Personally, I hope the stunt person gets away with it.