Connecticut Teacher Has Sex With Student, Threatens Him With Mafia

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So while one teacher in California was having an “inappropriate relationship” with a female student, and a teacher in Utah was busy hooking up with students left and right, it seems like one teacher in Connecticut was not only hooking up with students, but threatening them with the mafia.

Allison Marchese, a 39-year-old English teacher who taught at Daniel Hand High School in Connecticut, has been jailed for three years after having sex with a student. Oh, and she did it all behind her husband’s back, who also happened to be a teacher at the same school. Talk about awkward.

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Marchese, who met one of the students during summer conditioning workouts at the school, sent him and another student X-rated text messages and selfies. Let’s just say they were nude photos, because that’s exactly what they were.

Things became physical when according to the 17-year-old student, Marchese called him to her classroom, locked the door and gave him some mouth love. So what did this dude do? Well, he pretty much told Marchese to pay him about $200 bucks to keep all of this on the down low.

Marchese took another route, and instead told the lad that her father was an “abusive man” and “in the mafia.” Wow.

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Of course it doesn’t stop there. Marchese was also accused of sending nudes to another student, who was just 14-years-old.

Eventually, police caught up to Marchese after the students spilled the beans, and Marchese pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree unlawful restraint, two counts of second-degree reckless endangerment, one count of second-degree harassment and one count of second-degree threatening.

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Here’s what Judge Melanie Cradle had to say to Marchese: “You were a teacher and you were in a position of trust. And the bottom line here is the victims are kids and were their teacher.”

Well, let me not poke too much fun at this teacher because I wouldn’t want to be confronted by the mafia.

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