Girl Accidentally Texts Her Boyfriend About Her Plans To Cheat

Photo: tetmc (Getty)

Now either this gal is really, really dumb, or she was just looking for a way to confess. And I honestly don’t know which one it is.

As many baffling things some girlfriends have gotten pissed about, the dude in this story actually has every reason to be upset at his girlfriend. And that’s pretty much because she confessed to him she was cheating on him. Well, she didn’t mean to.

It seems like everyday we tell all you folks that you should stay away from cheating on your partner because, a) it’s completely wrong. And b) you will always get caught. And sometimes, you will just spill the beans yourself. A dude named Jordan McNelly was working hard to take his gal Zoe on a vacation. And it seems like Zoe got tired of Jordan being away at work because she arranged to hook up with another dude.

The only problem is that Jordan changed his shifts, which means Zoe had to change her plans. And she wasn’t happy about that. So Zoe texted someone to vent. And of course, she texted Jordan by accident.

Take a look at the text thanks to Jordan’s Twitter.

Jordan even dropped in a pretty solid hashtag. And poor girl had already waxed her whole body. What a tragedy. But hey, at least Jordan doesn’t have to waste his time trying to figure out if his gal is cheating now.

And if you’re curious, yes, Jordan broke it off with Zoe, and described her as “not the brightest.” Well, that’s a given.

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