This Dude Just Thought Up Of The Dumbest Idea For How To Win A Lawsuit Against Walmart

Photo: Twitter

The man has patience, I’ll give him that.

There are tons of lawsuits that I’m sure judges come across day in and day out — there was actually a woman that sued KFC for $20 million because her bucket of chicken wasn’t filled to the top. And let’s not forget the guy who sued his employer after he was caught downloading porn at work. But this guy right here just thought up of a way to bring down Walmart.

Yes, the idea below may seem dumb (and it is), but I can’t help but think that perhaps this guy is smarter than us all. Just take a look below to find out how this guy is hoping to get a big payday from Walmart.

I can’t even be that mad at him. Eventually that ‘P’ will fall and he might have a bigger bank account afterwards. Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Twitter

And look how Twitter responded to this dude’s plan.

I’m going to assume he’s still standing there. He might as well stay there until Black Friday and be first in line for some great deals.

h/t Someecards

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