Australian Woman Finds Venomous Tiger Snake Chilling In Her Christmas Tree

Photo: Warner Bros. 

Finding a highly venomous tiger snake trying to disguise itself as garland in your Christmas tree sounds like a living hell, much like waking up every morning, looking into the bathroom mirror and seeing Skip Bayless staring back at you.

But that’s exactly what happened to a Frankston woman named Cheryl Saturday morning. Not the Skip Bayless part but the whole deadly tiger snake in her Christmas tree thing:

Major props to Cheryl for not panicking, as so many others (including myself) probably would have jumped into a state of hysteria that would have ended with both the Christmas tree and the entire house going up in flames. Instead, Cheryl just decided to snap a picture of the snake and call Barry Goldsmith, the local snake catcher, who said he “had the bugger in a bag” just 20 minutes later.

In a related story, the gang at Distractify added that Goldsmith said it was the first time he had ever heard of a tiger snake calling a Christmas tree home and said the worst thing to do if something like that happens to you is…wait for it…cut off the snake’s head and then pick it up because the head can apparently live on for 15 minutes after it’s severed.

Which is yet another reason you can add to the list of reasons why my house would be a pile of ashes if a snake ever made its way into my tree.

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