Walmart Greeter Tased By A Theft Suspect After Asking For A Receipt

Photo: Roslan Rahman (Getty)

Is it safe to say he purchased that taser from Walmart because they always have low prices? Always.

So let me get this straight: When a dude isn’t running over a Walmart employee with his electric scooter, and when a gross couple isn’t making their own shitty sex tape in a Walmart aisle, apparently people are getting tased at Walmart. Let’s just stick to ShopRite, OK?

A 65-year-old Walmart greeter at a North Carolina store was tased after she simply asked a bizarre looking couple to see a receipt. And what was the item in question? A 55-inch television that the couple was carrying out. And they clearly didn’t have proof of purchase because the greeter got the shock of her life.

Walmart Greeter Tased By A Theft Suspect After Asking For A Receipt


Holy hell they sure are on something.

The greeter was attacked by 42-year-old John Davis and 38-year-old Natasha Hall, but it was Davis who actually used the taser. According to the Union County Sheriff Office, the TV was a $498 Vizio TV. I mean, if you’re going to tase an old woman you might as well go all out and get the bet TV, you idiots.

Fortunately, the greeter did not suffer any injury, and she actually completed her shift. Now that’s one tough old lady.

These two clearly strung out tools remain at large, but when they eventually get caught they will each face a robbery charge, and that Uncle Fester looking dude will also get charged with an assault with a deadly weapon count.

Via The Smoking Gun

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