The ‘Naked One Finger Challenge’ Is Another Challenge That Proves How Much Progress We Are Making

Photo: Fabrice Lerouge (Getty)

OK, OK, it is only interesting because it has the word “naked” in it. There. We said it.

So while a bunch of folks are trying their hand at the mannequin challenge, as well as the 100 layer challenge, it seems a new challenge is arriving in America from the always weird Japan. That challenge? The One Finger Selfie Challenge. What a world we live in.

This challenge started in Japan when folks took notice of an anime artist known as Sky-FreeDom, who posts pretty regularly on the site Pixiv, and has a style — a style that is best described as provocative. Let’s take a look at the picture that got this challenge going.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

The challenge is simple: Use one finger to cover two parts of the body — mainly your boobs and down below. I’m impressed by the advances we are making in society.

Let’s take a look at some folks trying it out:


Photo: Twitter

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 9.23.18 AM

Photo: Twitter

Some gals like to do it with clothes on:


Photo: YouTube

But that’s no fun. So back to nakedness.


Photo: Twitter

Here it is side by side:


Photo: YouTube

Hell, even dudes are getting involved.


Photo: Twitter

Let’s give it up for our generation. I’m eagerly waiting the next challenge.

h/t Daily Mail

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