So Domino’s Pizza In Japan Is Actually Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza During Snowstorms

And if you don’t get your pizza in 30 minutes or less the reindeer is yours to keep. Well, that’s not true, but hey a guy who wants a pet reindeer can dream.

So Domino’s Pizza is the same place that actually apologized to a dude whose friend put his testicles on a pizza, and the same place whose delivery man delivered $1,300. And now they are the same place who will be delivering your pizza on the back of a reindeer. Well, that is if you live in Japan.


Since freezing weather and snowstorms are on their way to Japan, Domino’s Pizza is training reindeer to deliver pizza, because they would be able to get through the harsh conditions. But don’t worry reindeer lovers, Domino’s is teaming up with the Research Center of Hokkaido to make sure those reindeer are safe, as they will only be carrying as much weight as they can bear. Each reindeer will also have a GPS tracker on it.

Take a look at the video below to watch these reindeer being “trained” to no success, but hell, it’s worth a shot.

If this plan is successful, the service is to begin on December 1, so if you’re in Japan and want a pizza you can probably expect a big smelly animal to deliver it. Although their is no word yet if you have to tip it.

h/t CNBC

And yet it’s a better idea than what this guy tried to do: This Domino’s Pizza Driver Doing A Wheelie Was Pretty Cool Until He Crashed