16 Of The Most Petty As All Hell Folks Out There

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Everyone has a petty side, and everyone loves to drop a few insults once in a while — even the awesome Margot Robbie. And while we’ve seen just how harsh the internet can get when it comes to roasting other folks on the internet, you won’t believe just how petty some people can get. They really go after it, and the pictures below will remind you that deep down it’s hard not to be petty sometimes. I mean, it’s really, really difficult. So go through these pictures and feel better about yourself next time you decide to just lose your mind and act all petty.

In fact, feel great about it.

16 Of The Most Petty As All Hell Folks Out There

So you see? You’re not the only person out there being petty as hell, there are plenty of people out there doing the same. They are just much quiet about it, and thanks to the internet we can all hear about their sneaky tricks and laugh along, because we’ve all done the same thing.

In conclusion: We are all shitty humans pretty much.

h/t Pleated-Jeans

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