Today’s Funny Photos 11-17-16

Been a slow moving week (at least for me), but I can always count on Mandatory to deliver a batch of Funny Photos. Oh wait, I write for Mandatory, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can always count on myself. Thanks for nothing, folks! I’m kidding (sort of). I am glad that you’ve once again strolled on by to get your fill of funnies for the day before you have to embark on your Thursday. Or perhaps you’re taking a break from your day to check out these laughs. Regardless, I thank you.

Now when you get all those laughs out of your system, get ready to laugh some more, as we continue to fill your day with funny material. Have fun and enjoy! Now enough talking from us, we know you want to chuckle, so let’s get going with some Funny Photos before all you folks get impatient!

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Today’s Funny Photos 11-17-16

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And speaking of Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift Bent Over Was Obviously Going To Be Photoshopped








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