Aspiring Weatherman Starts Forest Fire Just So He Can Report On It Himself

Photo: Jose A. Bernat Bacete (Getty)

Well, at least he has some career goals.

As hot as it is watching Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia do her thing while on vacation, and as much as we liked watching a Romanian weather girl and her co-star have boob-slips on live TV, this guy who has aspirations to become a weatherman had to go a different route to attract attention: And it was a route that was not smart at all.

Johnny Mullins, a 21-year-old aspiring weatherman from Jenkins, Kentucky was so eager to get a headstart on his weather career and gain attention that he actually started a forest fire and then filmed himself reporting from the scene in an attempt to draw fans to his Facebook page. Yep, you read that right.


Other fires were already burning in Kentucky when Mullins decided to start his own blaze. Mullins was arrested and actually admitted to police that he did it simply because he liked the attention. Mullins is now facing one count of second degree arson.

“Good afternoon everybody, Johnny Mullins here updating you with some dangerous forest fire conditions,” Mullins states on the video that he uploaded to his Facebook. “As you can see, we are dealing with some dangerous forest fire conditions. We have trees that are actually on fire. They are continuously just beginning to stay on fire. I don’t want to get so close to the smoke.”

Check out the video below:

Well this kid clearly wants to be a weatherman, but maybe next time he should reach out to Al Roker for an internship instead of just setting things on fire. Yeah, that would be the smarter move.

h/t Daily Mail

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