Two Bald Eagles Got Stuck In A Florida Sewer Drain And People Are Saying It’s A Metaphor For America

Photo: Twitter

People like to find meaning in everything, that’s why everyone chimed in when video of a bald eagle attacking Donald Trump surfaced. It is as if our own damn bird was trying to warn us, and boy, we should have listened. Because while that bird was free and attacking Trump, the two bald eagles in this story were completely stuck.

So while yesterday we told you about the massive crocodile that was rescued out of a drain in Sri Lanka, today we need to talk about America’s bird.

Two bald eagles got stuck in a Florida (of course) sewer drain after a witness saw them both “fighting in the sky and they just dropped right into the drain,” so he “immediately pulled over.” Those two poor birds were not only stuck in the hellhole that is Florida, but they were stuck there for 90 minutes. The two birds were together until one of the birds got loose and flew away, leaving the five-year-old female eagle all by itself.

And guess what? That female eagle fell into the drain and suffered a cracked beak and wounds.

But not to worry! She was rescued, taken to a sanctuary and will be back to normal health in about six weeks.

Unfortunately this America will take a tad longer to heal. Boom, topical political commentary.

Now look at how people reacted:

Well, the good news here is that those two eagles were rescued, so there’s hope for us all.


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