Plane Forced To Land After A British Guy Got Naked On It And Threatened To Kill A Passenger

Photo: Jerry Driendl (Getty)

And here we were thinking that having an actual live snake on a plane was the most bizarre thing you could see up in the skies.

I know that having to sit in the middle seat on a plane and losing your armrest is tough to swallow, but that’s probably why this British guy who got naked on a plane was so upset. OK, we are just assuming, but why else would he be so upset? Because they didn’t serve him liquor? Oh, yep, that was why.

So a 34-year-old man named Oliver Gee got completely naked on a plane that was going from Mexico to Germany and now faces up to 20 years in jail for getting drunk and showing his penis to people.

Photo: CEN

Photo: CEN

According to another passenger, Gee “…got up, took off his t-shirt and his pants, and kept shouting ‘I prefer drugs to alcohol.’’’ Yep sounds like a guy who would get naked in public.


Apparently Gee got pissed off and demanded to be served liquor before takeoff. Gee also threatened to kill another passenger, as well as intimidated a three-year-old child. Damn, Gee, quite a day for you.

There’s more: Gee also wanted to pee on the plane, was helped by a flight attendant and a passenger to the bathroom, and then he ended up slapping both of them before being restrained by both of them. And that’s when police were alerted.

And that’s the story of how Oliver Gee took his last flight ever.

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