Pissed Off Lover Loses Job, Shares Naked Photos Of Manager On His Wife’s Facebook Page

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Man, love makes people do a lot of crazy things.

Perhaps we should have included this story on the most brutal examples of revenge on a cheating ex, because chances are she would have topped the list.

Meet Kaylea Reid, a 26-year-old English woman who was actually spared jail after, and this is a doozy, posting photos of her naked manager to his wife’s business’s Facebook page. Why? Revenge of course.

Pissed Off Lover Loses Job, Shares Naked Photos Of Manager On His Wife’s Facebook Page


Photo: Facebook

Reid was a care worker for people with learning disabilities, and soon began  exchanging naked photos with her manager Robert Page after she split from her boyfriend. Well, Page was married. And after Reid lost her job she was so pissed off that her next move was quite brutal: Reid posted naked photos of Page on the Facebook page of a mobile tool supplies company run by his wife.

Oh no, there’s more: Reid tagged their shared colleagues in the post, so over 4,000 people could have seen Page in all his naked glory.

But wait, there’s more: Reid’s lawyer claims that Page sent Reid messages saying he wished that Reid was his wife instead.

Damn, Page. Just…damn.


Photo: Facebook

Reid apparently feels as if she was taken advantage of by Page and now realizes she was “foolish and naïve.” Reid admits she originally posted the pictures because she “wanted to be heard,” but now admits that it has been just as humiliating for her.

Well, I highly doubt that.

Reid was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay a victim surcharge $24.75, due to Page’s  “provocative behavior.” Justice, eh?

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