Oh Hell, This Plane Actually Had A MotherF**king Snake On It

Let me first start off by saying that if there was ever a situation where I was stuck on a plane with a snake, I would first want Liam Neeson to be on the flight because I’m going to assume he takes care of everything. If not, I’ll gladly take Samuel L. Jackson, because hell, he’s dealt with snakes on a plane before, and he would have had to deal with one on this flight.

If you thought not having an armrest in the middle seat was an issue, or having a ponytail cover your plane TV screen was a problem, you have not seen anything yet.

Video of a snake hitching a ride from Torreon to Mexico City actually shows a snake dropping down from the overhead lockers. And guess what? Everyone seems super chill about it. I’m sorry, but someone walking around with a neck pillow is bad enough, I don’t need more of this anxiety.

Take a look at video of the snake below thanks to Indalecio Medina’s Twitter:

This video was reportedly taken on an AeroMexico flight, so now you know what airline never to take. You might as well take one of the other terrible airlines.

I just want to know how in the hell did that snake get in there, and why isn’t everyone acting like this:

h/t The LAD Bible

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