Woman Leaves Car At Restaurant To Avoid Drunk Driving, Is Rewarded With Free Chicken

Photo: Martti Salmela (Getty)

Everyone likes an encouraging story now and again, right? After all, it can’t all be teachers sleeping with high school students and couples having sex in the toy aisle of Walmart, can it? We’d like to think there is still some good, wholesome news in the world, and we’ll be damned if we didn’t track some down.

When you’re drunk, not getting behind the wheel of a car is already the commendable thing to do. You may not necessarily be rewarded for your actions in the traditional sense, but the feeling of knowing you did the right thing by keeping yourself and others out of danger should be enough of an incentive. However, if you wind up being compensated for your good deed with free chicken, then more power to you.

Such was the case when Paula Grzelak-Schultz decided it best to leave her car in the parking lot of Original Joes in Sherwood Park, Alberta and take an Uber home. The note left on her windshield the next day pretty much says it all if you’ve all but lost your faith in humanity:

free chicken note

Once Paula shared the note on her Facebook page, it became an instant viral sensation. As for Jay McLean, the managing partner of the restaurant, well he’s just a genuine good dude. In fact, he leaves them on cars all the time to encourage folks not to drive drunk. I’ll drink — and not drive — to that.

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