Now Here’s A Woman Giving A Dude Oral Sex At A Grocery Store

We really try to keep it classy here for the most part, but there are folks out there that really make it tough for us to remain classy because they continue to be involved in train wreck stories after train wreck stories. You know, like the woman who was caught giving oral sex to a dude in a grocery store. Yep, that’s the news today.

Sure, we don’t have a problem talking about oral sex, as we have shared videos of drunk girls talking about giving blowjobs, as well as porn stars describing how to give the perfect blowjob. But this here is a tad different.

Footage has emerged on LiveLeak that actually shows a woman going down on some dude at a grocery store. Now, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s good time, but there is a good chance there might have been kids at the grocery store so these two people are clearly complete and total vile idiots.

Here are some blurred out pics of what went down, but even though they are blurred out we should warn you that this isn’t something you should view while someone else is looking over your shoulder.





The exact location of this isn’t really known, but according the the description on the video it is ‘back east.’ Now I don’t know if any of you wants to actually see the uncersored version of this, but since at least one of you will say “but where’s the video?” we will include the extremely NSFW video link here.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that some folks were just there looking for the box of Fruity Pebbles that was on sale.

h/t Metro

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