Couple Busted Having Sex At Wisconsin State Fair

Photo: Holly Cohn (copyright holder For Bob Rashid) (Getty)

Because if the super fatty food and unsafe rides aren’t entertaining enough, perhaps a train wreck of a couple having sex out for all to see will.

And that’s exactly what happened when 28-year-old Robert Beasley and 28-year-old Desiree Anderson were arrested after being caught having sex in an open air coliseum on the fair grounds at the fair. The coliseum, which is actually the site for a horse and dog show, became the spot for a sex show as Beasley and Anderson’s act were in full view of many fairgoers. And someone of course filmed it.

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The Smoking Gun

Upon discovering that he was being filmed by a stranger, Beasley–who was atop Anderson with his buttocks exposed–waved at the camera and smiled. When video of the raunchy duo began circulating online, a State Fair spokesperson responded that the incident was “appalling” and “inexcusable.” Criminal charges are pending against Anderson and Beasley, who has bonded out of jail. Anderson remains locked up in lieu of $400 bond at the Milwaukee County jail.

Screenshot: via Fox 6

Screenshot: via Fox 6

It gets even more bizarre as according to his Facebook page, Beasley wrestles under the name “Bobby Valentino” with Wisconsin Professional Wrestling. So yeah, next stop is the WWE. But probably not. As for Anderson, her Facebook page describes her as “not a punk ass bitch.” Well alright then. This is clearly a classy pair.

Take a look at the FOX 6 news report below for more reactions.

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