South African Soccer Player Fired After ‘Farting At Coach’

Photo: ilbusca (Getty)

So to say this player stunk would be a fairly accurate and literal statement in this case.

For some reason a lot of stories involving farts have made the headlines. I mean, how can you ignore that story of a British guy who is being charged with child cruelty  for farting in a kid’s face? Or how about that Canadian teacher who told a student to lick her where she farts? You know, important stuff. And this is a tad of the same.

According to GhanaWeb, a former English Premier League and current Turkish Super League player is no longer a part of the South African national soccer team after he allegedly “aimed a fart in the direction of the national team coach.”

Photo: Anesh Debiki/AFP (Getty)

Photo: Anesh Debiki/AFP (Getty)

Tokelo Rantie [pictured in yellow above] allegedly “pulled down his pants and let one rip in the direction of Bafana Bafana coach Ephraim ‘Shakes’ Mashaba” a few days ago in what is being called “one of the most bizarre acts of obstinacy ever seen in the national team.” Sowetan LIVE even went as far as saying “the flatulence was so suffocating that the putrid stench continues to hover over the team like a dark cloud.”

No word as to what Rantie ate the night before dropping ass in front of his coach, but if you ask us, this one has Taco Bell written all over it. And if there is no such thing as Taco Bell in South Africa, then you’d have to think it was the South African equivalent to Carl’s Jr. that was behind a fart so powerful that it got a player kicked off the team.

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