Carjackers Had To Leave A Car Behind After Realizing They Couldn’t Drive Stick

Photo: sestovic via (Getty)

I’m pretty confident that everyday you can find a new story about idiots behind the wheel. It’s like that gem of a video of a guy behind the wheel of a BMW who was so impatient he ended up stuck on a barricade. And it’s just like those two idiots who refused to give in to one another and, again, they also ended up stuck. But the story below is a tad different, because not only were the people in this story idiots for trying to steal a car, but they completely failed their mission when they had to leave it behind.

Saint Louis man Dustin French thought he was getting carjacked. And he was, well, he almost did. It all started when French left a south side gas station and was heading to his home about a half mile away. As soon as he pulled up to the curb he noticed a car right behind him. And that’s when it happened.

Photo: KMOV

Photo: KMOV

“A car came up right behind sort of half parallel parked behind me. A passenger got out with a firearm, told me to get out of my car and empty my pockets,” French recalls. “All I got out luckily were my keys and I said what do I do now. I was asking for orders,” French said. “’He said get up and walk away. Face away and keep walking.”

And French did just that. But the gunman, who police say was in his late teens or early 20’s, didn’t take the car. Because, fortunately for French, he couldn’t drive stick.

French says that him being alone, it being late and the street light by his place being broken were things that worked against him that night. Although the carjacker being an idiot worked for him. there were several things working against him that night.

“I’m glad I didn’t panic or threaten violence or make any quick moves,” French said.

The carjackers still haven’t been caught, but chances are they are on foot.


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