Look How Obvious The Worst Thief Of All Time Made It That He Was Stealing Something

Photo: iggy1965 (Getty)

There are a lot of idiots out there, clearly. And yet, these idiots think that they will somehow be smarter if they decide to shoplift. The only problem is that it just highlights how dumb they truly are. Just like that thief who was completely ignored by that restaurant worker he tried to rob. Or like that South Carolina who attempted to steal condoms by biting a Walmart worker’s finger off. And even with that, the guy below takes the cake for worst thief ever.

You won’t believe what the thief in this story was not only trying to steal, but how completely obvious he made it. Let’s first take a look at the footage that CCTV camera caught of the thief. Notice anything?


Yep. Just what in the hell is that? Take another look of the thief admiring his work in the mirror:


Did you guess what it was? Here’s a hint: It blocks out sunlight. Yep, you got it:


Photo: images.dunelm.com

The dude tried to steal 7-feet worth of Venetian blinds.

Workers in the store quickly noticed this guy was up to something and followed him outside, where he ditched the blinds and made a run for it. The Northamptonshire Police Department’s Facebook released the footage in order to make fun of him, probably.


And of course the comments were hilarious:


But hey, the guy is apparently still on the run, so maybe he can do something right.

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