Guy Wins Storage Auction, Finds 40 Dead Cats Inside It

Holy hell.

I’m not the biggest fan of cats, as most of them are too much of an asshole even for me. But then I see pictures of cats who can sleep anywhere or pictures of cats being weird, and I don’t dislike them as much. And this horrible story makes me just hate society. You know, more so.

If you ever watch that terrible Storage Wars show, the person who wins the auction usually ends up with trash that ends up being worth money somehow. And something tells me the guy who won a Queens storage auction would have preferred junk because what he actually got was something out of a horror movie. After putting a winning bid of $150, the auction winner discovered about 40 dead and frozen cats inside the unit, according to police.

Photo: WABC-TV

Brace yourself for what was inside: Cops found two freezers filled with dead cats, with one freezer holding cats that were stacked on top of the other. In the other freezer, police found each cat in a plastic bag with one cat found in even worse conditions that we won’t even mention here.

The ASPCA arrived and took the cats in to deal with it. A 66-year Brooklyn woman started renting the unit in May 2014, paying monthly until this past July, but the unit went up for auction when she stopped payments.

The smell in the unit was so bad that officers had to change their clothing and shower because the “stench was stuck to their clothes,” a source said.

Cops were still looking for the woman who originally rented the unit.

Now I need a shower after hearing this story.

h/t NY Daily News

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