Guy Locks Himself Out Of House, Has To Be Rescued After He Gets Stuck In Chimney

Photo: Tucson Fire Department

I really didn’t want to laugh at the dude in this story, but man, I saw the pictures and I just lost it.

People aren’t thinking before doing something these days (or ever really). The two dudes who refused to let one another merge weren’t thinking because they ended up stuck. And I don’t know what the hell the guy who got his penis stuck between a magnet was thinking, although I’m going to assume he was feeling quite a bit of things. But the guy in this story? The guy in this story has zero logic.


Photo: Tucson Fire Department

A 26-year-old man had to be rescued through his chimney after, for some damn reason, he tried to climb back into his house when he locked his keys inside. I mean, come on, man. The dude’s feet apparently reached the floor of his house, but the chimney is so narrow that he was unable to get out at the bottom. So what did he do? He just shouted for hours until a neighbor finally heard his cries for help and called Tucson, Arizona firefighters.


Photo: Tucson Fire Department

The firefighters of course had to put the pictures up on their Facebook in what I can only assume is to warn others against the danger of going through a chimney.


Photo: Tucson Fire Department

‘The subject, who was stuck in his chimney for up to four hours, stated that he locked his keys in the house and was attempting to go back inside,” the firefighters explain.‘‘A Technical Rescue response was dispatched for a Confined Space Rescue, however, first arriving crews from Station’s Three and One were able to perform the rescue.”


Photo: Tucson Fire Department

The man was thankfully not injured.


Photo: Tucson Fire Department

May this photo live on forever.

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