Neighbor With Thin Walls Leaves Guy Note Calling Him An ‘A-Hole’ For Yelling At Girlfriend

Photo: Ben Richardson (Getty)

It sucks living so close to someone, and while it usually isn’t a problem for most people, unfortunately some people have to deal with the shitty ways of others. That’s why this guy eventually lost his mind when he kept hearing his neighbors banging, and set fire to the apartment. Or like this dude who just said “fuck it” and took a bulldozer to his neighbor’s home.

But while the below isn’t as extreme, I think the point was made.

Someone who looks like they live in a college dorm apparently got so fed up with hearing a dude yell at his girlfriend though the thin walls that he decided to take matters into his own hands: well, he just left this note. Take a look at it below thanks to Reddit:


Here’s what the note says in case you can’t read chicken scratch:

To the guy on this floor who yells at his girlfriend:

1. Everyone can hear you.

2. You sound like an asshole.

3. No one deserves to be talked to like that:

4. Stop it.


A Neighbor

Oh, and that pink post-it? Someone else added that. And it says:

To the girlfriend of that asshole: You don’t need to put up with that stuff, girl.

Always nice to see people come together to bash assholes who totally deserve it.

h/t Someecards

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