A Russian Girl Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity To Pay For Medical School

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While other students are taking out loans in order to pay for school and drowning themselves in debt, one Russian girl is taking a different route – a very different route.


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Only known as ‘Ariana,’ the 20-year-old is using the services of some site called (a site I surprisingly know nothing about) Cinderella Escorts. And how is she using it? By auctioning off her virginity of course. Of course. Starting bid? Well, if you’re interested it kicks off at about $170,000. But hey, she’s auctioning off because she wants to study abroad, pay for school and other bills, too.


Photo: Cinderella Escorts

Here is what she had to say

“Many students have the issue that during their studies they have to deal with multiple problems. You have to go to work in order to pay for your education. I want to move to another country for my studies in medicine. The university will be very expensive, the rent will also be high. I imagine that living in another country will be very hard, therefore I want to get the financial burden out of the way so I can focus on my medical studies.”


Photo: Cinderella Escorts

‘Ariana’ admits not finding love was a key factor in making her decision.

Translation: I couldn’t find anyone super rich enough to fall in love with.


Photo: Cinderella Escorts

“I am an independent woman and can do just what I want. Believe me, I have thought long and hard to make this decision. I have hoped for so long to find my great love, but it did not work out.”

Kudos to you, Ariana, may you reach your goal of becoming one hot Russian doctor.

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