Chinese Man Puts His Penis In Wedding Ring For Some Reason, Needs To Have It Surgically Removed

Well, this should do nothing to help eliminate that stereotype.

According to the Daily Mail, an 18-year-old Liuzhou man somehow got his penis stuck in a wedding ring earlier this month and then waited for two days before he finally called the fire department to come free him from his painful hell.

chinese man penis wedding ring

Authorities said the man called the fire department on September 13, and they took him to a hospital, where they needed 90 minutes to remove the ring with a giant pliers. The dude’s dick had apparently become so swollen that they made him keep a bag of ice on his shit while they worked their magic.

No word as to why the man decided to stick his pork sword through a wedding ring or exactly how in the hell he was able to do so, but you have to think that no part of the story is more embarrassing than the fact that he was able to fit his penis through that ring. Well, unless the ring was fit for King Kong’s hand, of course.

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