The Crappiest, Most Hilarious Jokes That Will Most Definitely Get You Laid

Everyone loves to laugh, which is why even if you’re not the best looking lad out there you can still reel in the ladies if you have a decent sense of humor. Take it from me, I once made a woman laugh and almost hooked up with her. Almost! Boy, that was quite a memorable night. So if you want to be like me (and God willing, you do) be sure to use these shitty, but hilarious jokes next time you want to impress the opposite sex.

bad joke8


bad joke3


bad jokes


bad joke5


bad joke11


bad joke2


bad joke17


bad joke4


bad joke12


bad joke16


bad joke6


bad joke9


bad joke14


bad joke7


bad joke13


bad joke10

bad joke15

Via The Chive

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