Girl Still Loopy From Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled Thinks She’s Choking On A Penis (NSFW Language)

If you thought you’ve already seen it all when it comes to videos of people waking up after getting their wisdom teeth yanked, well, think again, pal.

Sure, the videos of kids talking pure gangster, girls crying because they are lacking in the boob department and girls professing their love for Harry Potter are all entertaining, but they have nothing — and I mean nothing — on the clip of this girl still riding high from the wacky juice who thinks that she is choking on a…wait for it…”big, fat black dick.”

You’re welcome.

Girl Thinks She’s Choking on a Penis After Surgery:

Just a few words of advice for her friend who’s going to stop by her new apartment in the morning: You might want to knock first before going in.

This poor girl just wants some Harry Potter loving: Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed And Just Wants Daniel Radcliffe To Love Her