Brazilian Olympic Diving Team Go Their Separate Ways Thanks To Sex

Well, it seems one of them tried to go for the gold that night.

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Reportedly, the diving team of Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso practiced and worked hard for years only to let sex come between them and their Olympic medal dreams. That’s right, sex. According to the NY Post, 20-year-old Oliveira kicked 17-year-old Pedroso out of their room at the Olympic Village so she could have sex just one night before the pair was supposed to compete.

Let’s first take a look at Oliveira below thanks to her Instagram:

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And here is her partner, Pedroso, via her Instagram:

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So what was more important than Olympic gold? A canoeist. Yep, Oliveira kicked out her partner in order to hook up with canoeist, Pedro Goncalves. I had no idea canoeists were drowning in vagina.

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Well, he sure looks happy.

Oliveira had no comment on the matter, simply saying, “My personal life, I do not speak about.”

But Pedroso let loose: “I have been waiting for four years to be present at the Olympics and for her it was better to have fun and therefore threw me out of the room,” she told the Sun. “After the Olympics, I will focus on my individual. It’s good because I will not need to depend on anyone. Then I will be able to improve and evolve more.”

Hope Oliveira had her Olympic storybook ending.

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