Here’s Your Winner For Worst Police Sketch Of 2016

Hey, if it doesn’t work out for this artist with the police department, it looks as though he or she should have no problem finding work at Coney Island or Six Flags Magic Mountain.

According to WFMZ, some dude wielding a knife robbed a Valero gas station in Cumru Township, Pennsylvania, last week, but the real story is the police sketch of the suspect that was released in hopes of bringing the guy to justice.

I mean, look at this thing:

worst police sketch of 2016
Maybe it’s just us, but it certainly appears as though Berks County police are looking for the result of a backseat plow session Sebastian Bach had with a Muppet after a show in Albuquerque in ’87.

The police sketch artist’s rendering comes from eye witness accounts and this surveillance footage:

worst police sketch of 2016
So yeah, when the police are done looking for this guy, they might want to think about testing each witness and the sketch artist for shrooms.

Here are a few more police departments that probably have new sketch artists today: 15 Comically Bad Police Sketches