A Massive Pile Of Horseshit In New York Was So Hot It Started On Fire

If you thought Tila Tequila was a hot mess, wait until you read this.

According to UPI, a large pile of horse manure on a farm in New York spontaneously burst into flames earlier this month, and it took the efforts of three local fire departments to eventually put out the malodorous fire.

horse poop pile starts on fire
An officer from the Department of Environmental Conservation received a call on July 5 about a rank smell coming from a horse farm in the town of Throop. When the officer arrived on-site, he noticed a large pile of burning horse poop that had spread “dangerously close to a valley full of dry vegetation and dead trees.”

Luckily, local firefighters were able to put out the blaze-o-shit before it damaged any of those dead trees or nearby homes, but it took them almost two hours to do so. The owners of the stable told authorities that their massive piles of crap had spontaneously combusted before, but “the smells and smoke had been carried away from nearby residences by the wind.”

In a related story, the owners of one horse farm in Throop, New York, probably haven’t received a Christmas card from their neighbors since the Bush administration.

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