Girl Tops Her Boyfriend’s Video Game Joke With Perhaps The Funniest Twitter Burn Ever

And she did it with a dick joke. Well technically, a fake dick joke.

According to Buzzfeed, a British couple were recently trending on Twitter thanks to the release of “FIFA 16” on Xbox and a bright pink dildo.

It all started when Bradley Measor jokingly said goodbye to his girlfriend Danni after he got his hands on a copy of what is most likely his favorite video game.

But it turns out Danni is the complete package, as the only thing that might rival her stunning beauty is her sense of humor, and it was on full display when she replied to her man’s tweet by, well, letting him know that she was going to be more than OK without him.

We’d say the next step for Brad if he wants to get back in her good graces is to go out and buy Danni some flowers. Or some batteries. It looks like either one would do the trick.

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