Police Arrest Train Masturbator After Actress Posts Picture of It on Facebook

There are other ways to let a woman know you think she’s attractive, bro.

According to Buzzfeed, French police recently identified and arrested a man after an actress posted a picture of him jerking off on a Paris Metro train to her Facebook page.

man arrested for jerking off on Paris Metro
Camille Regnier loves entertaining people, and she does so in Paris as an actress and model at Entretemps, Cours Florent and Mannequinat. What she doesn’t love? You guessed it: Random nutjobs jerking off on a train while looking at her.

We don’t understand a lick of French, but thankfully the guys at Barstool Sports found somebody to translate Regnier’s Facebook post:

“When he was masturbating, the guy was staring at me in the window of the metro, not directly at me. Damn it. Yesterday, I was assaulted in the metro by some asshole, he was so close to me I grabbed him by the neck and today!!! I was watching a video on my phone and I saw him masturbating when I looked up! I talked to him, he said nothing, and ran away. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM????”

Thanks to Reginer’s Facebook post, French police identified the man the next day and arrested him.

We’re not sure if French prisons are anything like their American counterparts, but this dude might want to think twice before attempting the ol’ train tug while he’s there.

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