North Carolina Woman Tapes Dog’s Mouth Shut, Posts Pictures On Facebook

One of the lowest type of person there is is the one that abuses animals, and an idiot in North Carolina thought it would be funny to tape her dog’s mouth shut in order to keep it from barking.

Kimberly Ann Howell, a 25-year-old from Long Ferry Road, is out of jail on a $3,000 bond after she was charged with cruelty to animals as well as failing to appear for outstanding traffic charges, in what is clearly proof that she’s pretty much useless.

Not only did Howell tape her dog’s mouth shut, she posted pictures of it on Facebook with the caption “ha ha.” Thankfully, someone reported the pictures to the Rowan Sheriff’s Office. When officers arrived at Howell’s residence, her boyfriend answered and he admitted he knew it wasn’t a good idea. Gee, what a bright fella.

According to investigators, Howell said she didn’t believe it was “a big deal” and that her dog was not “physically hurt.” The pictures have been taken down. Although someone should put her down as well.

According to the police report, Howell was more upset at the backlash she received over the pictures than about what she did to her own dog.

Plenty of idiots are dog owners, so this is just another example of the wrong people owning pets.


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