Watch This Guy Drink a Bottle of Whiskey in 13 Seconds

Maybe we’re overthinking what it takes to get more than one million views on YouTube.

A hysterical music video about a hot chick who owns way too many cats? Not quite. Mandatory celebrating one million likes on Facebook? Not even close.

But a video of a 27-year-old Welsh guy downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in 13 seconds has already been viewed more than one million times in less than one week.

Will Williams told the Daily Post that downing 23.6 ounces of whiskey was something he did “jokingly and regrets deeply,” but swallowing an entire bottle of booze is apparently something the rest of the world really wants to see.

Williams puked up the whiskey shortly after his friend stopped filming, and it probably had to do with the fact that he consumed “more than seven times the daily amount recommended by Britain’s National Health Service. Do not try this at home, kids (or adults).

No word if there’s a clip of Williams duct-taped to a wall after he passed out: The Best Pictures of Drunk People Passed Out in Public


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