US Airways Tweeted a Photo of a Girl With a Plane in Her Vagina (NSFW)

Hey, in this day and age of competitive air travel, you have to do whatever it takes to get people to choose your airline.

But we’re not exactly sure we want to jump on a US Airways or American Airlines flight anytime soon after somebody associated with the Twitter handle @USAirways retweeted a photo of a 777 crash landing in a woman’s vagina twice.

That’s right. According to Deadspin (link NSFW), what began as a prank tweet sent to @AmericanAir has now left authorities at both airlines scratching their heads as to how the following picture actually saw the light of day.

US Airways tweets picture of plane in vagina

We’ll assume the same idiot is – or was – in charge of both of the partner airlines’ handles, as here is the picture that was originally sent to American’s Twitter account:

American Airlines tweets picture of plane in vagina

The image remained on US Airways’ Twitter account for over 30 minutes before it was replaced by an apology:

Hey, at the very least we can come up with one girl today who’ll never be able to run for the Senate.

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