bamboo luxury sheet set

Get the Sleep You Deserve This Year With a 6-Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set Here on Sale for $22.99

You’ve got a lot of busy days ahead, and a crappy night of sleep isn’t going to make anything easier. A few options here: sleep at a fancy hotel and go into major debt, or just get a luxury sheet set for ultimate comfort.

If you need a night of R&R, this Six Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set is perfect for just that. And, because we know you’re working on yourself, it’s on sale for $22.99 as part of our same you, new sleep event. 

Made of bamboo and super comfy 90gsm microfiber, these sheets are perfect for those of us who use our beds to sleep, work, or do that other thing. The material is super silky to the touch, so there’s no feeling of sandpaper or scratch coming from your slumber chamber. 

No matter if your mattress is too high or not high enough, the sheets have a 16″ deep pocket, so they’ll fit basically any mattress. That is, they fit any mattress unless you’re piling them up like the damn Princess and the Pea (#megamattress). If you have an adverse reaction to fluff (AKA you’re allergic to things that are usually found in or around beds) these sheets can work for you as well. They’re also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about going into shock while you’re just trying to snooze. 

If you need to stay regulated in temps, the sheets are breathable and ready to take on your body musk if you are a hot sweaty mess in the bedroom (even while not participating in extracurricular activities). These sheets will still be super cozy and won’t pick up your stench from sitting in them all night as a steamy pile of flesh (ew, sorry to do that to you).

Find out why the folks in our store give this set 4.5 out of five stars. Get the Six Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set, which includes four pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet, for $22.99 (Reg. $119)— no coupon needed. Act fast, this deal ends on 1/9/23 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Prices subject to change.