luxury subscription box

Gift Yourself or a Friend With a Luxury Subscription Box on Sale for $99

We all have a vice. They can be innocent…or they can be a little R-rated. Right now we’re focusing on the more innocent vices, like if you have a passion for tea, coffee, home goods, or top-shelf spirits. This Vices Luxury Box Voucher will give you a 38% discount on your first box for $99 (which is a $159.99 value). It’s like one of those monthly subscription boxes that became really popular in the 2010s but better. Allow us to explain…

These curated subscription boxes contain unique artisan and boutique items ranging from spices, hot sauces, tea, coffee, mezcal, champagne, wine, luxury tools, toys, accessories, home goods, and more. Each box has a theme that tells a story of sorts and will give you something to look forward to every month. You may even get a “golden ticket” for VIP in-person experiences.

Sure other subscription boxes that send out beauty products, grooming products, and international snacks are nice. But Vices Luxury Boxes aim to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that you can really treasure. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a tea party, having a friend come over for coffee, or hosting a gathering serving adult beverages, these boxes will come through!

If you want, you can even go the custom route. A team of designers is on standby, ready to create your custom branding for the interior and exterior of the box complete wieth printed materials, and a custom magazine if you choose one. You can customize as much or as little of the box as you want as Vices has exciting ready-to-go curations for those buyers who wish to customize the box only.

The Vices Luxury Box makes a generous gift for a friend or special someone for any occasion! There are many options to choose from so just pick the one that suits the recipient best!

Get this $99 voucher today while it’s on sale! Good deals like this don’t last long!

Prices subject to change.