This Mobile Pixels Mini Mouse is a Deal You Should be Hella Grateful For

Gratitude is a hell of a drug. One day you’re uber thankful for your family and the next you’re screaming at that one racist aunt to get the damn vaccine. It’s exhausting trying to be a person of the people, and your cup runneth over in terms of who you want to show appreciation for.

Being thankful for inadimate ojects, like deals on sick stuff, may be a little less stressful duing this holiday season. This Mobile Pixels Mini Mouse is not only a perfectly packed, totally awesome office tool, but it’s also on sale this season for our Thankful Deals Days.

Incredibly small and compact, this mouse ensures your already cluttered desk stays just the way you like it without adding any bulky gadgets (spoiler alert: you like it messy).

If you’re worried about carpal tunnel, the mouse has a solution for those anxieties so you can make room for others. The ergonomic soft grip ensures no slipping and sliding is going on causing you to accidentally delete that expense report (which is fine, funemployment activities seem like a hoot these days). If you’re doing work during the wee hours of the night and are going in and out of consciousness (because it’s grind time), the soft click sounds makes it easy to go into a deeps sleep directly after you finish whatever it is plaguing your computer that day.

Hate wires? Same man, same. That’s why we’re super thankful that this bad boy is completely wireless. Working off of Bluetooth connectivity, the mouse requires nothing outside of your imagination (and for someone to pay the internet bill).

Get the Mobile Pixels Mini Mouse for $42.99 (Reg. $59), no coupon needed. Act fast, this is part of our Thankful Deals Days where we drop prices on bestsellers released ahead of Black Friday and is only around until November 23, 11:59 PM Pacific.

Prices subject to change.