Get 2 Maglight Mini Flashlights for Only $40 During our Early Black Friday Sale

Why wait till after Thanksgiving to start your holiday shopping when you can enjoy early Black Friday savings right now? This 8-in-1 Maglight Mini utility flashlight, for instance, makes a great gift. And since a pack of two of these super bright flashlights is discounted by 27 percent to just $39.99 while supplies last, it’s smarter to start your shopping now rather than waiting until later.

Everyone needs a Maglight Mini. It’s an ideal tool for keeping safe while walking at night, it’s awesome for camping and hiking trips, and no emergency kit would be complete without one. It’s small enough to attach to a keychain, it weighs only 43g, and it offers a huge array of tools so there’s an almost limitless number of use case scenarios.

As a flashlight, the Maglight Mini is powerful. It features a maximum brightness of 800 lumens, but it also offers three different intensity settings so you can set it to suit your needs. Aside from that, it has a strobe light mode for those times when you want to attract attention, it’s a bottle opener, a carabiner, a powerful magnet, and it even has a kickstand so you can prop it up.

To power the Maglight, simply plug it into any USB port. Once fully charged, it’ll provide light for up to 3.5 hours, which is pretty generous given its size. It features a battery indicator so you’ll know how much juice you have left, and the device is both water and dust proof so you can use it in all kinds of environments too.

If there were an award for the perfect gift, we think the Maglight Mini would probably win, hands down. It’s about as versatile as it gets, it’s durable, and it’s extremely affordable this week thanks to our early Black Friday sale. And, for a little more motivation, it’s easy to gift wrap too, which is a blessing in itself during this time of year.

Prices subject to change.