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Chop Like a Pro With This Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8″ Chef Knife

There’s nothing more important than a good pair of knives. Think about all the things you might need to cut, and then imagine doing so with, like, a pencil or something. Knives are the first thing a person thinks of to put in their abode and with good reason. That said, if you’re using rusty blades, that’s hella gross. This Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8″ Chef Knife will totally alleviate the fear of people making fun of your housewares.

Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or just need a clean cut, the Kiru Knife Kitchen Master is the perfect accessory. A multipurpose traditional Japanese blade that uses the Honbazuke method to get that extra layer of sharpness (meaning it’s hand-polished in three stages), this baby is incredibly versatile and ready to work. Because it’s so lightweight and features a beveled edge, the knife can make any food its prey for your consumption pleasure.

Speaking of precision, the forged blades include VG10 cutting core at 60±1 Rockwell hardness, which, if you’re not into knife lingo, means it’s really freaking precise. It also has 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding for strength, durability, and stain resistance, which will make it incredibly long-lasting (that’s what she said…maybe). And, if you’re still worried about this knife lasting longer than the rest, it’s nitrogen-cooled, which ensures enhanced hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Beyond the blade itself, the handle is bolstered, ergonomic, and G-10 Garolite, which thwarts all things extremely hot, cold, or moist (sorry everyone, we had to). This ensures you went melt your poor knife doing something stupid or burn off your hand when you’re just trying to cook a subpar meal (we know you’re trying harder in the kitchen, and we’re proud of you just as well).

Over the age of 18? Get the Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8″ Chef Knife for $69.99 (Reg. $156).

Prices subject to change.